A downloadable game for Windows

Hydro & Gen X are the 2 remaining projects left behind by their creators who have abandoned them and their facilities. Due to the state the lab is currently in they won't be able to make it out alone.

Hydro(the blue one) loves water obviously and Gen X does not, Gen was built for flying not swimming. She can carry Hydro to heights he could never reach on his own.

Switch between the 2 characters and use their strengths to overcome obstacles.


  • Move - WASD
  • Jump - Space
  • Fly - Space while in the air (only on the pink robot)
  • Ascend - While flying hold space
  • Descend - While flying hold shift
  • Interact - E
  • Switch characters - F

Special Thanks to the creator of the robot models https://www.cgtrader.com/xiaoxing once I saw them I had to do this idea, they were asking to be used together.

Sound from Zapsplat.com


Hydro & Gen X_Data.zip 41 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the files to the same location and launch the Hydro & Gen X.exe file enjoy!


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A fun puzzle-solving game, reminds me of Portal 2's coop mode! Well made and optimized too. While many of the puzzles can be solved by standing Hydro on Gen's head at ground level, the water switch puzzles were well made, evenly spaced, and the flying/collision was well used! A short, sweet, and fun experience.

Yeah it defiantly had a portal 2 feeling!