Blazing Keys

Save your ship and crew from burning by putting out the flames via your ships onboard sprinkler system. Each key is mapped to a key on YOUR keyboard and sets off the sprinklers in that sector of the ship.

How To Play

Press a key and the surrounding area will be sprayed with water

Fires are strong and require 2 sprays to extinguish

Keep fires at bay while your crew escapes

If your ship is going to die, you can open the airlock to immediately extinguish all fires but all your crew that haven't escaped will also die, use this as a last resort

Save as many crew as possible but don't let yourself and ship go down as well. Although the Captain should go down with the ship...

Oh and your H20 Generator has a limited capacity, good luck Captain!


Aside from sound effects and music credited below, I made the game solo using pretty much all unity ui objects aside from the flame image from the asset store.

Background Music From

Licensed Under Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0

Sound effects obtained from

PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withUnity
Tagsblazing, fire, flame, keyboard, keys, Space
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 12 MB
BlazingKeys.apk 33 MB

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